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Dr. Jacqueline Berens, Chiropractor

Was born in Wichita, Kansas but has lived in Colorado from a young age. Dr. Jacqueline knew she wanted to be a Doctor of Chiropractic since she was fifteen when she injured her elbow as an elite gymnast. She was unable to do gymnastics for six months and had tried many doctors and therapies to help her injury and nothing had worked. A teammate suggested trying chiropractic, and she was back to gymnastics in two weeks! Another amazing change happened a few months after she had been under care, she no longer needed glasses. The eye doctor had told her that her vision was barely off, but she kept getting terrible headaches in school so she was given a mild set of eye glasses. She no longer had any headaches and her vision was back to normal after getting adjusted regularly. From these experiences, she knew she wanted to share the same life changing, natural, holistic healthcare with others. Dr. Jacqueline graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a Bachelor’s in Physiology in 2008, and graduated with honors from Life University with a Doctor of Chiropractic in late 2011.

Dr. Jacqueline is very passionate about chiropractic and has focused on family health, nutrition, fitness,

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Paul Berens, Practice Manager

“Once a fireman, now a carpenter “

Paul is a Colorado Native and has resided in Colorado his whole life. When Paul was a toddler he was severely burned by a hot pot of coffee from climbing on a counter and underwent treatment with the children’s burn center in Denver. Fortunately, he only remembers the firefighters assisting him during this unfortunate event. As soon as he was able, he began his academics in fire science while still in high school. He then went on to become a firefighter. Paul spent 14 years working for various fire departments in the metro area as a Firefighter, Fire Officer  and an Arson Investigator. In 2017 Paul left behind his career in the fire service to ensure he could live a healthy holistic life style free from toxins  and the politics that working at the fire department promotes. He now is able spend more time with his family and assists Dr. Jacqueline by managing the operations for the wellness center. Paul has always been proactive when it comes to health and loves to play an important role in helping the patients of the wellness center lead a healthy lifestyle. 

I disagreed that you just have to live with allergies and recurring sinus infections!  Runny noses, stuffy noses, sneezing, loss of smell, loss of taste, sinus pressure, frequent sinus infections and debilitating sinus headaches are all a response from your body letting you know something is up!

I suffered from all of this for over 13 years!! I initially took the conventional medical approach and had 3 sinus surgeries that didn’t fix the CAUSE of my issues! I was fed up and depressed.

It wasn’t until I found the wellness way approach that I got tested and found the root cause, healed my immune system and my gut! Now these “allergies” are a thing of the past and I got my smell back!

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Paul's Wellness Way Story

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Kalee DeLong, Massage Therapist

As your Massage Therapist here at Envitality, I’m excited to get to know you and help be yet another addition to your wellness journey! I’m passionate about diving in deeper and offering you a free consultation to learn more about you and your bodies needs. I take an approach of body, mind, and spirit healing through a variety of modalities and techniques that offer the benefits of reduction of stress, promotion of relaxation, rehabilitate injuries, muscle pain management, increase range of motion and flexibility and lastly the balance of mind, body, spirit. Modalities that I specialize in are Neuromuscular, Sports, Deep Tissue, and Swedish and CBD Massages. 

What is EnVitality?

​The prefix En– simply means to put or pour yourself into something.​

Vitality means lively, energetic, ultimate physical and mental health.

Simply put, EnVitality is for anyone that pours themselves into achieving ultimate health, and for anyone that wants to learn how to take simple steps to becoming healthier.

The EnVitality Mission

Our mission is to serve and care for people of all ages while creating a journey with each person toward better health and balance in every aspect of their life.


There are a variety of approaches to healing medical conditions, such as chronic pain and injuries, and at The EnVitality Wellness Center, we find healthier alternatives to pharmaceutical medicine. Are you ready to end your persistent suffering? Contact our team today to schedule an appointment and start the healing process.

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