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I disagree that you just have to live with allergies and recurring sinus infections! Runny noses, stuffy noses, sneezing, loss of smell, loss of taste, sinus pressure, frequent sinus infections and debilitating sinus headaches are all a response from your body letting you know something is up!

I suffered from all of this for over 13 years!! I initially took the conventional medical approach and had 3 sinus surgeries that didn’t fix the CAUSE of my issues! I was fed up and depressed.

It wasn’t until I found the wellness way approach that I got tested and found the root cause, healed my immune system and my gut! Now these “allergies” are a thing of the past and I got my smell back!

Paul B.


It’s crazy to think about 2 years ago this month was the onset of a tricky health journey that changed my whole life. I started feeling sick in February of 2018. I had joint pain, fatigue, stomach pain, and I was miserable! I was told I had hashimotos, gluten intolerance, and later after my sister had a stroke and was diagnosed with advanced cardiomyopathy we learned we shared a gene that leads to the disease that will eventually result in a heart transplant for her. A CT-scan and an echocardiogram demonstrated that I too had damage to my heart so my drs were more then ready to put me on pills for the rest of my life even though they would slowly cause damage to other organs in my body, dropped my blood pressure to 78/54, and they had NO studies, proof, or evidence that the drugs could even help a genetic disorder. The thing with genes is they can flip on and head to the disease or not! Also, they are not fully understood. No one really has all the answers but drs go to their go to… medicate. I said, no thanks.

I decided that wouldn’t work for me. I knew my body was struggling before all this and since the genes may or may not do what they do I wanted to find someone who would treat my body as a whole. Jacqueline Berens EnVitality Wellness Center – A Wellness Way Affiliate changed my life and gave me the tools I need to heal! My heart health is steady, no more joint pain, my digestion is completely improved, my thyroid numbers are normal… and all because of the #wellnessway and a little hard work on my part. And bonus I learned I’m not even allergic to gluten after all. Watch for my health story to come out in a month! If you are having a hard time finding answers to your health I highly recommend Dr. Jackie! #idisagree

Rose S.

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I had miserable hot flashes, insomnia combined with taking TWO allergy pills a day that caused drowsiness, and a guaranteed sinus infection every other month that was tentatively resolved with an antibiotic until the next time. I had weight gain, memory loss, no energy and was lethargic.

In May 2017 I had my food allergies tested and found 39 food allergies! I put off taking those out of my diet until September 2017 when I finally had enough of being miserable and made the decision to get healthy! In November 2017 I also started doing a two to four day a week workout. The holidays were extremely difficult. In February 2018 I completed a 10 day detox.

In July 2018 I retested and had 20 food allergies! I gained back 19 foods. My body is healing, I can sleep now, I’ve lost 13 lbs, I no longer take TWO allergy pills a day, no antibiotics every other month, hot flashes are gone and I have not had a sinus infection in almost two years. My memory is clearer too. I just retested in March 2019 and I am down to 6 food allergies! Currently on day 2 of a 30 day detox. I’m almost there. I’m doing it and so can you!

I DISAGREE, I don’t need over the counter allergy pills and I don’t need antibiotics to be healthy. I’m 50 something and feeling unbelievably on top of the world!!!!
Brenda B.
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I first visited Dr. Jacqueline approximately 4 weeks before I competed in my first NPC Figure Competition. I was doing heavy overhead presses when I shifted 2 ribs. As Dr. Jacqueline’s office is located right in my gym, she was able to see me right away. She did an exam and extensive soft tissue work before even attempting to adjust me. I felt immediate relief. I continued to receive weekly adjustments leading up to my show as well as after. These adjustments always gave me more strength and stamina. They would also include work on my feet, knees, wrists and hands in addition to spinal adjustments. Her techniques are gentle yet very effective. I feel as a direct result of her care I never re-injured myself because my body continued to function at optimal levels!
Norma S.
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To say that Dr. Jacqueline has helped me live a more meaningful life would be an understatement! She has helped me in so many ways it is tough to put into words but I am certainly going to try. As a personal trainer and athlete my entire life I have put a toll on my body. I have had several injuries that I didn’t even think about until Dr. Jacqueline started working on them and they stopped bothering me on an everyday basis. I think we just learn to cope with pain and forget that we don’t have to. Prior to becoming pregnant Dr. Jacqueline worked on me on a regular basis. Shortly after beginning care my back injury from gymnastics and snowboarding stopped bothering me entirely, my migraine headaches disappeared, and my fatigue was gone! I know this shouldn’t surprise me however I was able to do everyday things including my job without constant pain!!!

Once I became pregnant I expected the back pain to come back because of all the changes your body goes through, however Dr. Jacqueline suggested that coming in on a weekly basis might even help my old injuries heal completely! I went in religiously during my entire pregnancy and I had the best pregnancy! I did not have back pain, I was sleeping good, energy levels were up, I was able to continue my regular workouts, and I was even able to work up at red rocks amphitheatre at 9 months pregnant!! When I had overdone it, which is my one bad habit, to push my body to its limits, Dr. Jacqueline got me in immediately and I would feel such relief instantly! Leading up to delivery Dr. Jacqueline helped my baby get into the correct position, I even had an appointment with her 1 day before I went into labor, and she made a house call to put me back in working order shortly after delivery!! She even adjusted my new born, who has slept through the night 3 times and isn’t even 6 weeks old!! I would absolutely recommend Dr. Jacqueline for anybody, and I would not go through another pregnancy without her!! She is amazing at what she does!!
Lindsay H.
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Before our son was adjusted by Dr. Jacqueline Berens he was sleeping ok and nursing on levels that would be considered passable by our doctors at the hospital, but he had not had a bowel movement in over 36 hours since we had left the hospital. Dr. Berens adjusted him and I kid you not he pooped literally 2 minutes in real time later just like that.

Since his adjustment he has feed better and slept better he has also been a lot more relaxed and cries less at night.

Furthermore my wife who was also adjusted after her pregnancy (24 hours labor Vaginal birth) and her milk came in that night on time and she has had a much easier time sleeping moving forward.

In short a single adjustment with Dr. Jacqueline Berens improved my families lives significantly.

Our son’s weight has already started to climb back up to his delivery weight.
Peter B.

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